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Repair of the Soul Tikkun HaNefesh  תיקון הנפש
Spiritual Guidance & Shema-nik Healing
Listening for the Sacred Shomei-a BaRuach  שומע ברוח
(Listening with the soul / Hearing in the wind)   

Reb Rachmiel Langer   רחמיאל

Rachmiel’s healing work and guidance is the result of years of intuitive shamanic and mystical experience, and intensive study. A life-long seeker and "boundary crosser" (ivrit - Hebrew), he has regularly received guidance in non-ordinary reality.

He is dedicated to sharing spiritual engagement with others, using Spiritual Direction and shamanic practice to offer healing and guidance. He brings a profound presence to the task of holding space for others, while getting out of the way to allow them to discover themselves in spiritual relationship with self, others and the cosmos. From that rootedness, he works to help you to realize your wholeness. His experience is integrated in "Shema-nik" practice - Listening for the Sacred.

Rachmiel has studied eastern and western spiritual traditions, seeking the wisdom of pursuing a fulfilled, spiritual life. He earned a BA in Philosophy and has been granted rabbinic ordination.

He has trained intensively as a shamanic practitioner and healer, studying ‘core’ (trans-cultural) shamanism, as well as Tibetan Bön, Celtic and Jewish shamanic practices. His teachers include Nan Moss and David Corbin, Larry Peters, Tom Cowan, Rabbi Gershon Winkler, Myron Eshowsky, Alicia Luengas Gates, and Michael Harner. He has been trained to teach shamanic journeywork by Sandra Ingerman. He has also received training as a mashpia ruchani , a spiritual guide, at Lev Shomea, Institute for the Training of Spiritual Directors in the Jewish Tradition.

After 15 years of Jewish sacred studies and ministry work, he received smichah (rabbinic ordination) from a Bet Din (adjudicating committe) on Tu BiShvat 5776 (2016).

Rachmiel is a member of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies, the Society for Shamanic Practitioners, Spiritual Directors International, Aleph: Alliance for Jewish Renewal, Network of Spiritual Progressives, and T'ruah: The Rabbinic Call for Human Rights.

“Rachmiel is truly a rare and precious individual. He has that mixture of intellectual depth, practical ability and spiritual attunement that make him a steady, balanced and trustworthy companion and a wise counselor. “
“Rachmiel is insightful, and has a gentle spirit. He listens profoundly, and has the capacity to hear what people are saying … He has an extraordinary sense of good humor … and he has the great ability to enable others to shift their perspective about challenging moments by his comments, gentle spirit and wonderful sense of acceptance of the flow of life. … He has the soul of a sage and a heart that loves people and God’s creation in all its manifest forms.”
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