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Jewish Calendar - 5784 (2023 - 2024)

designed by Rachmiel Langer

September Calendar

"The holy-days twine themselves together to form the circle of the year. (Franz Rosenzweig)"

Now available - a unique format Jewish Calendar designed by Reb Rachmiel Langer.

This calendar shows both the secular (Gregorian) days and the Jewish days, but since Jewish days start at sundown, the days are offset from each other. With this format, it's absolutely clear when the Jewish holidays start.

"Eve of" is not indicated anywhere, as it's simply unnecessary. Each holiday is highlighted on the Jewish days during which it occurs, and that automatically includes the evening of the 'preceding' Gregorian day.

Each page covers a Gregorian month and shows the Jewish months that occur during that time. The beginning of each Jewish month (Rosh Chodesh) is highlighted, as are Jewish holy-days and Shabbat each week. The weekly Torah portions are identified as well as special Shabbat names.

Each month has a beautiful photograph, a chronogram and an inspirational quote - often from Torah - that align with the soul cycle, usually through a holiday of the month. A chrongram is a Torah passage where the gematria (numeric value of the letters) equals the year.

The calendar includes a short essay explaining the progression and meaning of the cycle of the holy-days, and a summary of the holiday schedule with definitions.

The calendar works for wall-hanging or desk use. Each month opens to two substantial pages (70 lb. white, 11"x17" together), hole-punched for wall-hanging.The colors and photographs are crisp and clear, offset-printed.

To order calendars, please send a contribution of $18 each, to support this work Copies of prior year calendars are still available for $7. You can fill out and print this Order Form and send it with a check to the address below.

Payment is also accepted through PayPal. Send to paypal ID: @rebRachmiel. Please include a 3% charge to cover the processing fee. Make sure to identify yourself in the payment comment. You can fill out and email this Order Form to identify your order.

(Due to processing changes, payment by credit card is no longer available.)

Mail to: Heart-Fire Healing, PO Box 74, Littleton, MA 01460

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Click here to download a sample calendar month (2 pages condensed) pdf

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