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Passover Haggadah

compiled and adapted by Rachmiel Langer

Exodus painting

"Whoever expands upon the story of the Exodus from Egypt is worthy of praise."

Yes, here is yet another Passover Haggadah.

But, the tradition encourages us to tell the story of the Exodus over and over and to retell it - and re-experience it - anew each time.

This haggadah is intended for the contemporary seeking Jewish soul. For the person who is is seeking to re-enter the Exodus journey - the journey out of Mitzraim (the narrow place) into the unknown of the Wilderness (midbar - where we can hear God speak), and into the Promised Land, the land flowing with milk and honey (sustenance and sweetness).

The Passover seder is certainly an occasion for us to remember our heritage and to retell the central story of our tradition, but even more it is an opportunity for us to reengage ourselves in the experience. After all, "In each and every generation, each individual should feel personally redeemed from Mitzraim."

The seder as we know it was modeled after the Greek symposium - reclining around a table of food and wine engaged in a night of questions - on the topic of slavery and freedom. 'What' is different this night from all other nights! Wisdom - chochmah - is also koach mah - the power of what.

In composing this haggadah, I am indebted to the teachings of many others. I borrow heavily from the beautiful insights and contributions that continue to shape our tradition. It is especially informed by the wisdom and teachings of Rabbi Alan Ullman.

If you're interested in experiencing the Exodus journey as a deep personal transformation, you might want to consider the Personal Exodus workshop.

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(Feel free to grab an updated copy if you've previously contributed for the hagaddah.

It's been updated as of April 18, 2019. It has been expanded to include prayers for searching for and releasing chameitz; kiddush and havdalah prayers for when the seder falls on Friday or Saturday evening; the full Psalm 150 for Hallel; songs to sing afterward - Echad Mi Yodeia and Chad Gadya - and various additional clarifications and short explanations.

It had been slightly updated as of April 6, 2017. The Hebrew font is much easier to read and about a dozen small clarifications or explanations have been added to the text.)

Click here to download the Passover Haggadah pdf

For those who are interested, here is a supplemental Kabbalistic Haggadah. It characterizes the enslavement in Egypt as the 'exile of knowing' - forgetting that we know, that we know what we know, and even forgetting that we have forgetten. The seder plate is set up to embody the energies of the sefirot, and these qualities are refracted through the 15 stages of the seder. Each of the 15 steps is aligned with letter-path(s) holding sefirot in balance. The haggadah indicates these associations and supporting symbology, including the designations of the letter from Sefer Yetzirah, the creational statement of that path from Bereishit and a description of that consciousness from Pardes Rimonim. Each of the stages culminates in a kavvanah, an affirmation, to hold in mind as you enact the process. This haggadah is intended as a supplement to be used along with a regular haggadah, as the prayers and standard text are not included here.

Click here to download the Kabbalistic Haggadah. pdf

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